Thursday, August 3, 2017

It's a start!! - NovaFirefly

So, I spent the Wednesday and Thursday (7/26-7/27) working on building a riser for my dolls to display on my dresser.  A riser, you ask?  It's a 2 step thing that one of my adopted brothers described like a stage, so that I can fit more dolls on the dresser (Shh, I may have a doll collecting addiction...), and so that I can see the ones I have.

I think I better explain.  I have 2 biological brothers, A and R, in FL.  (Went on vacation with my biological family in June with R).  I have an "adopted" or "second family" in MD... and this includes S and C.  And then, another adopted little sister, N.  Confused yet?  A & R are related, and S & C are related.  C is pretty good at problem solving... though not conventional.

It was a Wednesday afternoon into Thursday afternoon project.  Started out with my brother C trying to use scrap wood from around the garage, and not understanding what I drew/what I saw in my mind's eye.  He didn't want to build a traditional staircase type thing, and that was what I wanted.... so we spend the better part of 2 hours "discussing" various solutions, and working through a trial and error marathon. I may have mentioned going to Home Depot more than once to just get fresh, unwarped wood.  You know, once or twice.  Maybe three times.  C may have shot me down, saying that he thought the scrap we had around the house would suffice.  It didn't.

Exhibit A: The "mock-up" set of risers... A.K.A. the "butt-ugly" ones. C may or may not have tried to piece 3 or more types of wood of varying thicknesses together...

This was, needless to say, not going to work.  At this point, I was missing my Dad and his need for perfectionism (I got it from somewhere), because all I could figure was that I would use this til I could get to good power tools.  I suppose C figured out how disappointed I was (he was too after he took a break and came back), and he, I, and S piled into the truck to hit up Home Depot, armed with a plan (thanks to Exhibit A), a list of supplies, and measurements.

Then we felt the need to hit Sweet Frog... I forgot to take a pic of the froyo before I devoured it...

I awoke Thursday morning to the sound of a electric saw running, and, after walking Dini and Darcy, went into the garage to investigate. I was rather pleased to see everything being cut properly, and starting to fit together nicely.  I took the role of sander (I attract splinters), and S even came out to help us out (he's good with artistic flair and design, and we'd also bought trim for the Riser).

This is pre-painted, after C was finished:

And post paint:

I plan to try and get a bit lighter paint to try and highlight the trim work, but I've never that before, so it should be an adventure.  For now though, all this needs is some felt to keep it from scratching up the top of my dresser, and voila! A nice way to display!!

Sunday, July 23, 2017


So, I intended to do a full photo shoot of all the dolls... but there were neighbors next door... and I feel weird sometimes posing dolls when teenage boys are playing in their pool.  So, I got 5 dolls photographed.

I have to say, there is something relaxing about dressing dolls for photoshoots.  I love doing their hair, and picking out the right outfits and locations in the yard for the shoot. It, and Jessica from American Girl Fan, have inspired me to save up for a starter DSLR camera, so that I can start playing with light and flash and the reflectors, and take my doll photography to the next level.

Without further ado, here are our girls from the shoot!!

Delia June felt the need to dress up in one of her favorite country girl outfits

Viviyona was enjoying the lovely greenery and later afternoon breeze

Betty was loving the colors in the trees

Zinnia and Iris

My Country Girls

All together

Waiting to go back upstairs to the dresser.

I'm hoping, with my brother's help, to build what he called a doll stage (a set of risers for the top of the dresser) so that I can display up to twelve dolls, and still be able to see all of them.  These stairs inspired that idea.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

NovaFirefly/Leighanne's latest mental explosion

Good evening!  It's been a long week here in MD, and will be an earlier morning tomorrow for a work meeting.  However, I don't blog to talk about work, I do it to have an reprieve from everyday life.

Lots of things on the brain that will hopefully be on the horizon for the next year or so.  I want to contribute to the 18 inch world (as well as the 16" AGFAT and 14" Welliewisher/Hearts 4Hearts), in a unique way that I haven't really seen being done before.  I don't want to go into anymore detail than that, as I have quite a few ideas, but I am looking forward to seeing what my crazy brain can dream up.  I need the creative outlet to feel as though I've accomplished something.  I want to do it in other ways too though.

Jaclyn from Little House of American Girl kinda inspired me, though I'm not sure she'd see it that way, lol.  She thought she was getting away from dolls... and somehow, ended up starting a brand new photostory this week.  I know it's not the same thing... but knowing how much she loves writing, and how much I loved it when I was younger, combined with crafting and the like... I am finally going to start creating the world in my brain around the crafts and ideas I love.

My dolls will be the inspirations for the characters (it will also give me incentive to make new guys?), and the crochet crafts I am starting to work on creating patterns for will be the basis for the town.  But, I want to do so much more than that.

I think Hannah from Never Grow Up Dolls was a big inspiration as well.  She has started writing a fiction novel, and I have delighted in seeing the details she posts about.  I long to create, and while I don't know that I have any new ideas, I'm hoping I can spin a few that are interesting to read and draw others into the world.

I don't think it will be higher than teen/young adult level... but then, I am an adult, so I suppose the story will draw me along, teasing me with its tale.

I think I might be going a little crazy with all of the ideas in my brain... but I'm ripe with ideas, and bursting to start employing them!

Monday, June 5, 2017

Photoshoot!!! (NovaFirefly)

I finally got to do a doll photoshoot on Sunday! Haven't been able to since I moved from PA to MD, been too busy. But Mother's day (a few weeks ago, I know), I was inspired to start getting back into my dolls.  I want to do a review on all the gorgeous outfits I got... but that will happen in a bit.  For now... enjoy the photos!

Mother's day evening was gorgeous, and I couldn't resist using the backyard of the house I'm staying at, since they have a gorgeous rock wall garden area!

First up, we have a lovely dress by Sashali, being modeled by the stunning Eden Illyria!  I love the butterfly print and the lace sleeves!  Eden's wig isn't glued down yet, and her middle name is from a character on the older TV show, Angel (it's a spin off from Buffy, and is definitely not younger viewer friendly).

Iris Westfield saw me unpackage this Gypsy/Berber outfit from a wonderful woman on Facebook, Beth, and claimed it as hers!  Beth sewed this outfit for her Berber girl (a Kaya custom doll), and when she put it up for sale, I knew it had to come live here with us!

Left: Eden Illyria, right: Iris Westfield

My film star, Betty Grable, is looking elegant in her Carpathia dress.  It reminded me of one of the dresses from Titanic, and so Betty, my film noir girl, was the perfect lady for the modeling job.

Mika also fell in love with a Sashali dress and hat, and I must say, she's got the right look to make this look like a breezy, fun dress on a warm spring night.

I didn't have (with me, as most of my stuff is in storage) another dress for my lovely Delia June to model in, though she assured me that she was perfectly content to wear a 1950s type ensemble from Our Generation, sold at Target.  I think she looks so cute!  What do you think?

That's it for the first photoshoot of 2017 for Sci-Fi and Fairytales!

Look forward to hearing from you soon!

- NovaFirefly

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

NovaFirefly: AG and other dolls to love!

I have so much to love about AG, and so much to dislike. But, that’s alright, since it’s opened my eyes to a whole new (doll) world!

First off, things to love about AG right now…

I bought Tenney at the end of February. She really is adorable, and though mine came with the newer, thinner cloth body, I still think she’s lovely. I sent her head out to have her eye-swapped with a gorgeous pair of galaxy blue eyes that I got from CustomEyesByMichelle this time last year. She will then end up with a new name, and possibly more wefts (since I see what people are talking about… one small section of her wig looks to be missing hair…. But the rest of her was good, so I’m just gonna deal, since she still seems to have better hair than a lot of other dolls I’m seeing.)

Here are some shots of her from when I first deboxed her.

Another thing to love…

Nanea! She looks a bit like a Wellie Wisher… but she is so adorable with the new face mold, that I believe she is going to have to be added to my collection (most of which is sadly in storage right now. Hopefully will be remedying this in the next 6 months or so).

I love quite a bit of Z’s collection (since I got to see it reviewed by AmericanGirlIdeas a few days ago… really behind on reading blogs lately). I am not sure that I will actually get her though, I may, once I’m in a place to have all my dolls again, make her out of parts and a bald Ivy head that I have, since I’m not at all fond of her wig.

Now, my dislikes (and these are just my personal opinions)

Logan: Was disappointed when I saw him in store. I had the intention of bypassing Tenney in favor of him before visiting AG DC, as I needed to get the first AG boy doll! However, upon getting to the store, I discovered that I disliked how skinny I felt Logan was, as well as being unhappy with his hair. I have a few other dislikes, but they may be different per doll, since we all know not every doll is identical. I plan to get some of his clothing (after it’s released), but I think I will continue to make my own boy dolls for the foreseeable future, until the quality goes up.

(See, the left photo isn't bad... but the boxed doll in the right photo... he looks odd to me.  And that was the best looking Logan out of the 6 I found.)

Z doll: from the pictures and reviews I’ve seen… the only complaint I have is wig quality. Before, the wigs were full of hairs to cover wefts when in pigtails… not so with Z.
(From the front' she looks cute... but I've seen her hair from the back from other blogger's reviews... and it isn't to the standard that I think it should be)

Now that the permapanties are no longer an issue... I can honestly say I'm looking forward to working with the brand again though.

Okay… so, with all that I talked about above, I am starting to look in other directions for dolls now, though I will continue to collect American Girls, and to customize them. (at some point, I redo the doll pages, but for now, that is a work in progress.)

I am finding myself falling in love with some of the dolls from A Girl For All Time. I just purchased Matilda from Ebay (since she is no longer for sale), and am saving up my tip money to get Lydia next. I am not in love with all of the dolls from this line... but it is giving me another type of doll to look for/collect.

(As you can see from the pictures, her eyes stay open, but she has such a sweet expression, I couldn't not help but fall in love with her.  She is likely to remain a display doll for a while, as she is sold out on their website)

Future dolls I’d love to get:
Gotz Little Sister Tessa
Gotz Little Sister Lilly

I’m also starting to look at Tonner dolls (the Tonner Wild Imagination type), Carpathia dolls, and some of the other new brands coming out.

I will be reviewing some of the clothing I've bought from various sellers on Etsy soon, as well as the incomplete Hearts 4 Hearts doll I recently got for a project I'm doing.

Looking forward to blogging more later!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Hey everyone, Iris here, with my first post...

Hey everyone!

My name is Iris Spencer.  I am 17 years old (well, that's what I've determined, after talking to the other dolls about how I feel, age-wise), I love to write, and my favorite show is the one I picked my name from, The Flash.

Jaelin, the original author, is currently unavailable.  That is a long story but I suppose I should probably share it with you, since this is her baby (the blog, or course).

Our human (who some of the dolls call Momma, and the rest of us call by her user name or real name), sold her house and moved in with friends, so that she could save up for another house.  She had to put a lot of us in storage, and we all talked about who would take a long nap, and who would accompany her.  I was one of the 4 who got to join her.  Jaelin said that she was alright taking a nap, and asked me to revitalise the blog, and to start it up again for her, until she can join us again.

Our human, who goes by NovaFirefly (previously NovaBabe), has asked if she can share our blog. She had her own, but felt it best to leave it behind, as it had memories she'd rather forget. She says that she will move over some of her posts, since everyone liked them, but she would rather share with us.

As such, we will be labeling the post titles, so that you know who is posting this week.

So, a few changes:

1) Someone will be posting either weekly or bi-monthly.

2) We have had a new doll join us, though she's not ready for her debut yet.  She and NovaFirefly will be discussing some changes to make her more comfortable... she doesn't just wanna be another young country singer, like the others she was chosen from, though she has become fast friends with Delia June, and they do tend to listen to country music together quite a lot.

3) There are likely to be more than just doll stuff posted, since our human has 2 dogs, and her crocheting and reading obsessions.

But, you know, I have been looking for a creative outlet, since standing on a dresser all day does get tiresome.  At least I'm enjoying my gypsy outfit that our human got last week... hopefully she will take pictures soon... because it's gorgeous!

Looking forward to blogging more and getting to know everyone!

Friday, July 22, 2016

See, we're still here....

Jaelin here... And so many more changes, it's hard to keep up, but I'm gonna try and update the best I can.

1) There's a new girl named Iris. (If you were to visit the American Girl store, she would look like TM#62)
She says she picked her name after a woman from Central City, that there is a hero there called "The Flash", and that she loves journalism... Maybe she'll join our blog.

(I'm just accepting the fact that Linnea is studying abroad for her next semester... She left last week, but, unlike normal, did let us take a few pics.)

2) Iris isn't the only new doll to join our ranks. There's Kiery, Troy, and Betty as well. And apparently, 2 more on the way!

Kiery (She says it rhymes with Fiery)

Troy is a surfer guy who just got in from Hawaii, where he competed in a few surfing comps.

And Betty Grable, model and movie star.

3) We (the dolls and our human, NovaFirefly - who some of us tend to call Momma) are hoping to move to Georgia by the end of the year. We are not sure when yet, but we are looking forward to warmer climates... Okay, and new adventures too! Apparently, the new town will be somewhere near Lake Lanier... And we've been told there will be a doll village under construction for us, though there isn't a name for said village yet. We get to vote to name it though. And there's supposed to be a 50s style diner, a movie theater with concessions, a sewing shoppe, and maybe even a bakery! As well as a few more friends for us, and a doll hospital.

Momma says to tell you that she will be updating her blog at some point, but that she will most likely be letting us show off her creations. 

She's been sewing clothes for us as of late, and Linnea is wearing one of Momma's dresses and a crop top and high waisted set of capris in her going away photos above.

That's about it, though we did take some pics to update our profile pictures... Hopefully get around to posting them tomorrow or sometime next week.

This is Jaelin, signing off. Good night world!!