Thursday, July 21, 2016

See, we're still here....

Jaelin here... And so many more changes, it's hard to keep up, but I'm gonna try and update the best I can.

1) There's a new girl named Iris. (If you were to visit the American Girl store, she would look like TM#62)
She says she's named after a woman from Central City, that there is a hero there called "The Flash", and that she loves journalism... Maybe she'll join our blog.

(I'm just accepting the fact that Linnea is studying abroad for her next semester... She left last week, but, unlike normal, did let us take a few pics.)

2) Iris isn't the only new doll to join our ranks. There's Kiery, Troy, and Betty as well. And apparently, 2 more on the way!

Kiery (She says it rhymes with Fiery)

Troy is a surfer guy who just got in from Hawaii, where he competed in a few surfing comps.

And Betty Grable, model and movie star.

3) We (the dolls and our human, NovaBabe - who we tend to call Momma) are hoping to move to Georgia by the end of the year. We are not sure when yet, but we are looking forward to warmer climates... Okay, and new adventures too! Apparently, the new town will be somewhere near Lake Lanier... And we've been told there will be a doll village under construction for us, though there isn't a name for said village yet. We get to vote to name it though. And there's supposed to be a 50s style diner, a movie theater with concessions, a sewing shoppe, and maybe even a bakery! As well as a few more friends for us, and a doll hospital.

Momma says to tell you that she will be updating her blog at some point, but that she will most likely be letting us show off her creations. 

She's been sewing clothes for us as of late, and Linnea is wearing one of Momma's dresses and a crop top and high waisted set of capris in her going away photos above.

That's about it, though we did take some pics to update our profile pictures... Hopefully get around to posting them tomorrow or sometime next week.

This is Jaelin, signing off. Good night world!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

All kinds of changes...

Hey guys,
Jaelin here! I'm sorry it's been so long since I've written. Lot of craziness around our house! Some of the girls decided that they wanted to go live with girls who would play with them (you know, as a companion doll), and while we were sorry to see them go, it's a whole new adventure for them.
We had a boy join our ranks (a boy!) in November. It didn't take long before Jack saw Alanna, and the rest was history, as they say. The two are always making eyes at each other.

Dahlia loved Momma's birthday Orchids (before Momma accidently left them in the cold overnight and killed them... shh, don't say anything) and her new outfit from the Fairy Godmother, Ms. Patrice (on FB).

Linnea says she's finally ready to start blogging on here with me this year. (We'll see if she does... she gets so distracted with her books. Also... her eyebrows had grown out too far here... she would kill me if she knew I posted this closeup of her)

My sister, Mika, and her bff Kenna say to tell everyone hi, they are having a blast modeling the new clothing Momma sometimes receives.

Paisley (the Marie Grace who was so shy that she wouldn't introduce herself earlier this year) has been helping Momma pick out fabrics for sewing... apparently she has a real knack for it. I'm looking forward to seeing what she comes up with.
Delia has been dreaming of the perfect guy since Alanna and Jack got together... and Momma has assured her that one day, her prince in silver spurs will come...

We have a few new friends to meet this month, but I'll be back to interview them soon.
Thanks for believing in me, and I'll try my best to update on here more often.
This is Jaelin, signing off.
P.S. I'm not sure how to add pics from Momma's phone blogger app (our laptop is in the shop...) so the only picture I added was from Christmas. Hope you like it! 
(Top row, L to R: Linnea, Dahlia, and a new friend whose name I don't know. Middle row: Paisley, Mika, Delia June, and another new friend. Bottom row: Alanna, Jack, Kenna, and me!)

My sister and my best friend... so glad they get along!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Kendalyn and Michiko's July vacation! (Photo Heavy)

Hi everyone.  Sorry it took us so long to post this, but since we got home, it's been chaos.  Momma and Daddy are swapping rooms with the oldest boy, A, and there's been a LOT of construction and painting and so on, so she hasn't had time to sit down with us and get our vacation written down.  The first part, from Sunday, she helped us write while we were still in Rodanthe, NC.  The rest will be written and added today.  So, here goes! (I, Kenna, will be in purple, while Mika will be in burgundy)

It's Kendalyn and Michiko here, on vacation with Momma and Daddy.  We've had a great time so far, even though we only got to leave the RV once (but it's HUGE, and there's snacks, and movies, and the human laptop).  We've had fun so far, and we thought we'd share a bit of our adventure with you.

Sunday evening, well, we don't have much to share about that.  We got off to a VERY late start, Momma and Mika got car sick and had to take benadryl and sleep it off.  We didn't get in until after midnight, so we told Momma we were fine sleeping in our clothes, since she was so out of it. (Shhh, Kenna, I was too! Benadryl plus late driving nights are not fun!)

Monday, we got up, ready to start our day, got dressed, and really realized how big the RV was!  It was pretty awesome!  Like a home away from home.  We spent a lot of time around the front dash, as the humans didn't use that area, so we could watch movies and leave our stuff out there without it needing to be moved.  But, we had fun exploring, and we made a new friend, SeeAny Moose.  (Mom-Mom, Daddy's mother, has one named SeeMore as well, but he wasn't in the RV, at least not that we could find him.)

Tuesday, we  decided to spend the day in our PJs.  Since the humans were going out to Cape Hatteras (which was apparently extremely hot, not good for vinyl, lol), Mika and I watched a few movies on the laptop and got into the junk food that was all over the RV (Momma says to tell you it wasn't allllllll over the RV, but since Kenna loves jellybeans and fudge, it seems, we ended up with junk food all over the front dash, a.k.a. the Doll Zone).  

Momma and Daddy came back, Daddy took a nap, and Momma helped us pose for pictures.  Daddy, when he woke up, asked why we didn't pose around him, but of course, never took another nap for us to try. (Mika loved watching The Legend of Korra. I liked it, but I love my Knight's Tale.)

Wednesday was relax day for everyone.  Momma and Daddy spend so much time running around, trying to get everything into their vacation, that Momma says sometimes, they need a relax day.  We made breakfast, and everyone watched movies, crocheted (Momma), or played on their phones (Daddy.)  Momma helped us get ready for the beach (since Daddy said that was the one outing he was okay with us going on!), and braided our hair so we didn't get it too gross.  We spent a bit of time helping Daddy play his new game, Frozen Free Fall (he says it's free on Android phones, lol), which amused Momma to no end.  She has quite a few pics of us all interacting. (She just got done looking, and since she isn't using her laptop [It's in the shop], she says she didn't remember to upload the pictures of us helping him)

Left: Getting ready for beach time!  Right: Waiting with Momma for Daddy to come out to the car.

The Beach was so much fun! I loved it!  I think maybe I was meant to live at one.  (Hint Hint Hint) We got to go in the water, play in the sand (and model for Momma).  Next time, I think I'd like to bring a picnic.

Thursday was slow for us, since our parents were out and about.  We relaxed, watched more movies, and just enjoyed ourselves.  

Friday, we helped pack up, and headed home.  We were supposed to stop at the American Girl Doll Place in Washington, DC, but we hit too much traffic, and Daddy wasn't feeling too good.  (He had heat exhaustion, though we didn't know it at the time, he just felt hot and drained.) I was a little disappointed, but Kenna reminded me, Momma tries to go 3-4 times a year, so we'll get to go another time, I'm sure. 

Vacation was a lot of fun, and while I'll be sorry not to go next time, I can't wait to see who gets to go next!