Wednesday, May 2, 2018

The beautiful girl I couldn't resist getting...

I have seen this lovely lady time and again on some of the IG accounts, and every picture of her is stunning.  On a whim, I decided to look on E-bay and see if anyone had her... and to my surprise, someone did, NRFB, at a bit cheaper than a new doll in store, complete with shipping!  I knew I had to add her to my collection, since she was retired in 2016.  She is elegant, and I'm looking forward to getting to know her!

Love that brand-new-doll moment when you haven't unboxed yet... and you know that she's never been opened!!

She's adorable! One look at her, and I knew who she was going to be, even if I didn't know her name!  She would be my steampunk girl, always ready for adventure, and willing to let her weird flag fly, since Steampunk would be dear to her heart.  Everyone, please meet Eleanora Jade Bridges!

So... after I started working with Eleanora, I noticed that her AG wig was kinda thin and stringy. (I could be spoiled by all the secondary market wigs, ESPECIALLY Zazou Doll wigs) But... I figured I could live with it.

I dressed her in her steampunk regalia from Dollicious Clothes (that I had bought ahead before I knew I'd be getting her... knew that I would find the right doll for this outfit), added LittleBittyHearts nose stud, and snapped a few quick pics before I had to leave for home (my doll collection is, for the time being, at my adopted family's house until I decide on one location/get my craft/doll room set up where I am now)

The next week, I stopped over again to add some removable eyeliner from LittleBittyHearts, to punk her up a bit, take more pics, grab more things to bring back to where I am staying, and felt once again that her hair, on the doll that I had to have in my collection was really thin. I was so disappointed.

I really love her, connected to her instantly... and yet she's not perfect.  She has a wonky left eye (right in the pictures), and her hair is thin and stringy.

Solution?  I just bought a replacement wig from ZazouDolls that I feel will fit her, and I'm going to see if I can use a metal nail file tip or tweezers to adjust her eye so that it opens and closes properly. And if it doesn't.... well, you know what, maybe that will be part of her charm!  Maybe it will bring her into our century as well, since it has burgundy streaks... once I get it, you can be the judge!

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