Saturday, December 9, 2017

Zazou Dolls, Create Your Own AG girl, updates! (Part 1)

Hey guys, long time, no update, I am so sorry!!  Life has been crazy the last few months!

October, I have no excuse for, except that I spent a lot of time crocheting, working and sleeping, as well as trying to keep the dogs entertained.

November saw me visiting Hilton Head with my best friend's family, rushing around like mad for the Thanksgiving rush (since I'm a dog groomer, everyone wants to get their dog looking pretty for any holiday, and obviously Thanksgiving is a big one.)

I may break this down into two posts, since there's a lot to update.

First off, I saw a lot of posts when the American Girl Create Your Own line came out.  I spent the last few days playing with the options (late to the party, sorry), and while I like all the different options they have, I only have one or two dolls that I'd really like, and certainly not for $200. I can't justify that for one doll.  So, while I'd love a dark skinned Jess mold (pic below this paragraph) and perhaps a light skinned Sonali, that will have to wait for a bit.

There has been another brand of dolls to catch my eye this summer.  Zazou dolls is a new company that I believe will take the doll market by storm.  I'm hoping to sit down and do an interview with the line's creator at some point, but I can tell you that the customability and variety of wigs, eye colors, and so forth make me so excited to get my first 3 dolls in soon.  There will be a full post on them, with plenty of pictures.  I am getting a brunette with deep blue eyes and freckles, a darker skinned girl with bangs, and a mythical appearing one with a lovely multi-colored wig and eyes.  They'll be here either before or after the Christmas holiday, so it will be my own gift to myself.
(One of the 3 dolls... isn't she lovely?)

I did take the time to redress all the dolls for winter, and to pull 3 more or my dolls out of storage. I need to take better pics, but here are the girls for now.

This is Acacia.  She is wearing part of the Enchanted winter outfit (Delia is wearing the rest of it!  Versatility!!)

And this lovely little Madame Alexander doll has a new lease on life!  I'm thinking of calling her Nyomi Keishi (no last name yet).  She makes me smile every time I look at her, and other than the fact that I am still picking out glue from her wig (I was impatient, and didn't braid her hair first before trying to glue it down, resulting in a huge disaster - ALWAYS make sure the hair is out of the way before applying glue, ALWAYS!), she reminds me of a Japanese Alice in Wonderland.  I'm figuring that this is going to lend itself to her personality.

I haven't named her yet (also, I think she may need to get sent out for a face up once I actually glue her wig down), but this is my vision of what Maryellen should've looked like. So, she is a bit more mature, and a new name will be decided on. In any case, she's darling.

Dahlia was excited to come out of storage, and of course, the first thing she did was to snatch up the "prettiest holiday dress" she could find.  Mind you, we still have the one she wore last year, but she informed me that she had to try this one on, and that she loves dressing up.  Somehow, I can see her being my elegant model in the future.

Iris is looking relaxed, comfortable, and as such, stylish.  She posed with Dahlia, as well as on her own.

Alanna loves her new hoodie, and I'm pretty sure she will be wearing that most of this winter. Jack decided to join in for the moment as well.  He adores Alanna.

More Pics and updates tomorrow!  Check back then!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Eye swaps and rewiggings... NovaFirefly

Wednesday (since I'm off 80% of Wednesdays) has become doll day!  I typically do doll updates, crochet (I have a gorgeous dress in the making, and hopefully will have a pattern to follow with...)

Today, my brother helped me swap eyes on 3 18" AG dolls, and I managed to swap out my Wellie wisher (who needs a new name now).

I got Nanea on my last trip to American Girl DC, and I knew before I got her that she needed special eyes.  Michelle from CustomEyesByMichelle had once again outdone herself, giving me these absolutely gorgeous blue green purple beauties.

I don't have before from this morning, but I can share each doll before and after...

Here is Iris before...

And after!  She and I decided that she wanted an eye color change, though we thought it was going to be to green eyes.  Delia originally got the purple ones... but somehow, I realized that she was meant to be green.  Iris feels so much more my doll now.

Here's Delia before....

And after!  I love her green eyes!!  They brighten her whole face up!  Now, she might need a bit of makeup... but I love what I've done with her already.

The lovely Nanea before....

And the gloriousness afterwards!!  She will also need a new name, but she is perfect now!!

Here is Emerson's before and after... I swear, she looks like a brand new doll now!! I kinda miss some of the sweetness her face had before, but she is much more suited to my collection now.  Alas, I could not save her old wig (I never dreamed that AG would have glued it down so well that I'd have to resort to nail polish remover and cutting it off....)

I can do a Nanea "as I opened her up" post, but I'm seeing a lot of those being done already.  She is a lovely doll, I love her new mold, and I know that I want to learn how to do face-ups now, as she would be so much more stunning with one!  

Last set of pics, with all three of the dolls together!

That's all for now, happy Wednesday, and I will see you next week!!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

NovaFirefly's trip to AG DC (Photo Heavy Post!)

Hey everyone!  I happened to be off work Sunday, the 3rd, and after receiving my email from American Girl, stating that all in store purchases received triple points... I knew I had to take a trip down to DC!  I live about 1½ hours away from the Tyson's Corner/Washington DC store, so without traffic, it was an easy jaunt.  I told some pics to share with everyone, and I hope you enjoy!

Upon entering the store...

This was to the left of the foyer walkway 

The Holiday dresses!  I was pleasantly surprised to find that I liked them both, though the first one would most likely be better without sleeves.  But they were adorable.

The hotel dress and sightseeing outfit!  I like them both, but ended up passing on purchasing them.

One side of their foyer school display...

And the other!

I do love the pajamas!  So cute

I think Z's little around the city sightseeing outfit is adorable and versatile, and her umbrella and puppy raincoat are precious!

Her computer setup is really spot on!

Melody's outfit is definitely going into the collection, and I was surprised about how much I enjoyed the detailing on Kaya's trading outfit

I will forever love Maryellen's collection, as I love the style!!!

The Blues!! I love the darker blues on both Josefina and Rebecca!  As it's one of my favorite colors, I supposed that makes sense 😉😉😉

I cannot help my love for all things southern... and I actually found myself starting to want Logan again, after seeing him.  However, he was not on the shopping list Sunday... and so I had to wait.  But his leather jacket and jeans are calling to me.

I loved the stands!  The concession stand gives me so many ideas with fall around the corner.  Too bad I have no place to create displays or to craft right now.  The ice cream stand makes me want to build my old-fashioned ice cream parlor... or the AmericanGirlIdeas Cold Stone Creamery!

After seeing them... I still love the Celebration dress... and if I'd had extra tip money, this would've gone home with me.  When I get it, I may be mutilating the shoes though, as I don't like the straps that wrap around her legs. Her Take Flight performance outfit, at least on the display doll, was a bit disappointing.  I love the top and headband, but I disliked the shoes, and the skirt seemed to puff out funny in the front. Perhaps if I messed with it, I'd like it.  Next time, will have to do that... with the one not behind glass.

Gabriela's studio and bedroom!  Very pretty colors.

I love the little nail polishes!  And scrub!

The dark skinned classic mold. I love her outfit, and the blue eyes with darker skin...and the Kanani look-a-like!  At least, the face mold, medium skin, and hazel eyes.  I kept getting a horrible glare, and this was the best picture I could get of her.  I may need to save up and get one like her, just so that I can finally have my medium skinned Jess mold... though now I'm wondering what a dark skinned Jess mold would look like...

Nanea's big ticket item, the Grocery Store!  It was quite cute, though it had quite the gathering around it, so I didn't have time to explore it as much as I wanted to.  Next time!

I am not sure that I will ever get her school outfit or swimsuit, but the displays were cute

Alas, they were sold out of the one item I truly wanted to Nanea... and so I had the arduous task of deciding on what else to spend my money on.

Her beautiful collection...  I do not need all of her stuff, but my preview of her PJs and Holoku dress, and then seeing the two outfits in store.... I will be adding them at some point.

I couldn't get a pic of the other side of the hotel... but I will say, it is very detailed.

And yet another pic of the "Travel in Style" purple dress, and the Sightseeing outfit... I was not sold on the mix and match abilities enough to purchase it....

However.... I did decide to get the Enchanted Winter Outfit (sans earmuffs)... there are at least 3-4 different ways I could mix and match the pieces!  It included a sweater, headband, quilted skirt, leggings, and furry boots!

As I left, I had to get a pic of the Nanea display...

... and as you can see... I left the store with a few items... will do another post on that soon!
Hope you had fun looking through my pictures from Sunday!  What were your favorite items?