Tuesday, June 5, 2018

A review of Zazou doll wigs

So, many of you know I love Zazou dolls.  I have bought 3 (have a 4th on the way) as well as buying beautiful, high quality wigs from her.  I have used Beautifully Custom ones before, the essentials line (I cannot justify the price of their deluxe line), as well as a few other brands of wigs, and I can say that Zazou are my favorite.  The wigs are thick and full without being so heavy that the dolls cannot stand on their own.  The hair is easy to brush through, and able to be curled to straightened, and heat-safe.

If you're interested in some of the wigs I'm reviewing, here's a link to their store: Zazou Custom Dolls

Let me show you some of the loveliness that I had the pleasure of photographing a week or two ago...

This beautiful wig is the Raven Merlot.  I love the black with burgundy highlights wig.  The curls were easy to work with, and Eleanora loves her modern colors!  (She is my doll with a love for all things steampunk.)

This is the Sweety wig in Caramel Honey.  I got this on a whim, as their doll was supposed to end up with a Maryellen wig.  However, I tried this on a few weeks ago to take a picture... and fell in love with how it looked on her! (I'm still deciding on a name for her.... having my collection split between 2 houses right now is rather frustrating).  I love this wig, for its simplicity.  I can still do a lot of things with it... but I do love the ease with which it lays, doesn't tangle, and looks like a different shade from every angle.

The Cosmic Storm wig is a combo of my favorite colors, and I had to add it to my collection.  I'm thinking at some point that I may make a mermaid or who knows with it.  A supernatural of some sort.  I had a lot of fun playing with the natural light, showing off the colors and length.  (Had to convince this beauty to let me take off her Caramel Honey wig, since she's claimed that one, so that I wasn't using only one doll for this review)

The lovely Purple Flame wig.  This was another I had to add to my collection.  At some point, I may get brave enough to send off a head and have some flames or phoenix feathers painted that will make this wig pop... but for now, until my entire collection is in one house, I can dream.  What mold do you think will make this wig pop?

After creating Nyomi (Madame Alexander doll with a Beautifully Custom Essentials line wig back in November 2017) and realizing that I loved making Asian dolls with different colored hair, I knew this wig was destined for a Jess mold doll.  This is an Ivy head, and I think this is another beautiful example of a wig that shows different colors from every angle it was snapped.  This is what real hair does, and I love that Zazou dolls has wigs that mimic real hair.  I'm looking forward to gluing this one down and styling it, to see what kind of colors it reveals.

I have 1 more wig that I need to take pictures of, but I'll do that when my next Zazou doll arrives. Hopefully the weather will be nicer, and I'll finally get a chance to take some pics outside, so that I can show natural lighting on all of these pretties.

Thanks for checking on my review, and don't forget to check out the shop for more wig styles, colors, or even full dolls! 

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  1. Ooooo i bought a wig from zazou too! I dont remember what it was called but it has lovely dark blues and purples and a few strands of pink. It is so soft and i cant stop admiring it! I just havent decided which doll to put it on yet... and its been months!