Thursday, May 17, 2018

AG Truly Me #76!

So... whenever I visit the AG store... it's next to impossible for me to leave there without getting a doll... (which is why my last visit was Labor Day weekend 2017, lol)

This time was no different! But, I had my eye set on getting either a Logan or a Truly Me #76... the modified Sonali mold won out, once I did a comparison!  I think I went thru 8 or 9 dolls (which were all I could find of him) before I picked out the guy you see here!

The plastic had a dent in it from traveling around in my car for about a month before I brought him inside.

But as you can see, he looks great inside the box...

 As well as out of it!  I love him, he's really cute.

He's all ready for his close-up... and a name!  I'm thinking Isaac, Blake, Joel, or Silas!  What do you think?

I found that I love his hair, it makes him look less childish to me. And his eyes are pretty... though they may get swapped out at a later date. 

He will also be getting an outfit change.... but this is where he is located right now (I'm not sure my man is thrilled... but I figured if he could display his toys in the livingroom... so could I, lol) And since I don't have a craft room set up yet, the livingroom and kitchen have turned into the crafting area... my neat freak man is dealing, lol.  BTW... a Wine bottle is the PERFECT height when you need to work on a wig... (the wig pic below, from Houseful of Dolls and More. I will be reviewing a few wigs later this week or beginning of next week... and this is my first curly... I am not sure I am a fan, though the colors are divine)


  1. I vote Joel or Silas. Maybe Blake as a last name?

    1. Thank you, Meriyah! I could see that... Silas Blake. You may have just picked a winner.