Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Fashion photo shoot

So... I haven't done one of these in a long while (maybe never on the blog?)... and my background is... my closet door, lol, but I figured I'd try to do a photo shoot for you guys, and model an outfit from TheGlamDoll, a few from of SashaLi, and one from DreamDollDesignz.
Let's get started...

Dahlia, Acacia, and Natalia are our models today.  I will be updating their profiles soon for you, but Acacia is dance instructor who is best friends with fashion major Dahlia. I'm still learning Natalia's story, but she seemed both shy and ready to break out of her shell and model with the ladies.

They decided to try on dresses from SashaLi first.

The tye dye awesomeness that Dahlia is wearing makes to wish I had a dress in that style, looks bother comfortable AND chic... I would have a closet full of them. She's got that surfer girl/flower child vibe going on here, I feel.

Acacia's eye really pop in anything blue or cool tones, I've discovered.  She looks great in just about anything I put on her! I love this mold, and I'm so glad AG came out with it. She has become one of my top 5 dolls.

I have to say, I am not a fan of magenta... but this dress on Natalia made me rethink my color scheme for her.  It's like this dress was made for her... and she's certainly made it her own.  Do you ever do that, come up with certain colors that you think are the doll's colors to wear?

What lovely ladies!  I've bought from SashaLi before, and all of her stuff is very well made.  I love how the outfits feel to me, very flowing, comfortable elegance.  I like her style, the 70s flair, and I'm loving her addition of flower hair clips!  There will be 2 more pieces from her coming up, but I must say, she is a very detailed designer.

Dahlia, being the fashion student, and used to working as a model as well, decided to let her inner tigress out to play last night in this saucy little number.  She would definitely have turned heads if she'd had gone out clubbing after this shoot... and she is taking notes on all the professional seamstress-ing that went into this dress.

After her photos though, she got into helping style Natalia and Acacia, redoing their hair and helping to fix little things here and there.

Acacia modeled a cute outfit from DreamDollDesignz, which struck me as both summery and islands.  She looked adorable with her hair pulled into a bun.  The quality in this outfit as well was on par!

I wanted to show the difference between Natalia without flash (first picture) and with (second picture).  I have a reflector coming in the next week or so, and I have seen how this can make a difference... but I also want to get a good camera so that I can get better pictures (there will be a photo course taken as well once I get it, lol).  I love Natalia's eyes, they always draw me in.  I've never been a brown eyed girl (I am a sucker for blue and green... and yet my man has hazel that typically fall to brown), but hers are so beautiful!  I may have taken more pictures of her than the other two...

I love this look on both of them, they are so summer ready!

Dahlia told Natalia that she had to try the pose D had done earlier... I think Nat is a bit nervous, but she pulled it off! (Pants were from EliteDollWorld, bandeau top was a gift from SashaLi... and I love it!  It will be seeing a lot of play this summer!!)

And then, since there was there was 1 more SashiLi dress... D and A talked Nat into being the last model for it.

I think I cut a tiny bit off the bottom of the short halter dress with chain, but I think she looks sweet in it, and very much not like a child.

Dahlia declared this photo shoot a success... and proceeded to claim the tye-dye dress as hers.

Thank you to the designers who made these outfits, I look up to you, and hope that one day, when I get my craft room put together and start sewing again, that my work looks as good!

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