Thursday, August 23, 2018

So many things to review, so little time! (Sashali edition)

I'm thinking I may need to break down my reviews into multiple posts, because June and July have been a month of awesome deals, buys, and raffles!  First up, some lovely outfits from Mary Campa's Sashali designs!

Effie is a custom light skinned Josie mold with MG eyes and Zazou Doll wig.
Dahlia is a Julie AG doll, uncustomized
Blue haired doll is temporarily wearing a Zazou Doll wig and has old Felicity green eyes
Nevaeh and Natalia are Zazou Dolls

Effie immediately pounced on this lovely number, declaring it made for her.  I love this 2 piece outfit, and the face that most of Mary's designs are in 2 pieces, which means more versatility for play and display!

Dahlia and Natalia (I seem to like names that sound like these, huh?  Dahlia, Natalia, Delia June, etc) took turns wearing this outfit, as you will see in the group photo below.  It felt very summery and Julie-esque to me. It's an adorable little set that I can see having a lot of fun with this year.

I bought the dress you see in the photos below, and Mary was so sweet to make a little halter top with the left-over fabric!  She does this quite often, which means surprise goodies in your packages from her.

 Right now, the blue-haired beauty (lovely wig from Zazou Dolls) is a stand-in, and will be customized soon.  For now though, I figured she would work out well)

As you see, Sashali is a favorite among the Sci-Fi and Fairytale dolls.  They all share clothing as they see fit, and everyone looks great in her designs. (Nevaeh is wearing a jean skirt by Elite Doll World)

Nevaeh decided to finish off this photoshoot with American Girl Nanea's Palaka outfit... since she is my gorgeous pin-up girl (who still needs to get a few tattoos applied), she grabbed this outfit, and told me she was so happy I'd bought it for her collection.  Little does she know, it wasn't intended that way.

Up next, I have 2 new dolls to show off, as well as outfits from Dollicious Dolls, Elite Doll world, and some of the other things I've been working on lately.

Zazou Dolls
Elite Doll World

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