Wednesday, April 18, 2018

WIP Wednesday...

Well, I crochet as well as doll modify... and sometimes, I do both.

I've been working on crocheting some fancy couture dresses for my dolls, since my sewing machine is in storage still, and my sewing skills may not be ready for fancy outfits with nicer fabrics than the quilter's cotton I've been using. Plus... there's something fun about designing my own crochet patterns for each custom dress.

I've been playing with designs to make the dresses more mature than the preteen designs I see... I love the idea that they are in high school or college age. I first started with an opera style dress for one of my MG customs, who goes by Betty Grable. I'd made it with Red Heart WW, and while it achieved the look I was going for, it reminds me of velvet weight or perhaps a lovely wool. Very heavy and wintery.

First up is Acacia's gown. It's a combo of a modern take on her holoku dress, and an corseted waist. This time, I looked for pretty Lion's Brand Scarfie yarn, which crochets up lighter and airier. I love the way the yarn drapes. I have to attach snaps tomorrow (the body of the dress has been done a month, but the finishing touches hadn't been added), but that should go rather quickly.

Next is the current gown I'm working to finish. It started out as Dahlia's dress, though I'm not sure if it will stay hers, since she is my costume designer. I'm hoping, when I have the first week of May off, to finish writing up my dolls profiles and take proper pictures. She/I got the idea for this dress from one that Waverly wore in Wynonna Earp, season 1. I couldn't figure out how to create the nude fabric  or the exact look, so I made what feels like to me a cocktail gown, but yeah... that was the start of this dress. Acacia or Mika are usually her models for her designs... so Acacia is showing this one off too (she and Dahlia are the only 2 dolls with me right now).

I also wish to create a champagne dress for Nevaeh... as well as a red one for either Mika or Alanna. We will see what kind of outfits I come up with after I finish these four...

.... and then there are my dragons... but that's a post for another day.

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