Tuesday, April 3, 2018

My beautiful Zazou dolls!!!

So… it’s Christmas in March! (even though this is April 3rd... I got the dolls, then got too sick and then busy to review them until now)

My Zazou dolls finally arrived, and I’ve had a blast taking pictures and reviewing them.

Before I go into a pic by pic review, I have a few things I need to say:

1) Their wig qualities are amazing! The doll originally named Zoe (now Nevaeh) has Kanani-length hair! It’s silky and gorgeous! I will have to get used to taking care of curly doll hair, but I love it! My fire-haired beauty has this blazing ombre that starts out almost burgundy, then red, then orange, before finishing in a lovely soft yellow. It makes me think she will need a fire based name, though I am not coming up with anything I like... was thinking Nova, but it doesn't fit her. And my sweet girl, who was originally Jovan before she got a different wig… her hair is soft and pretty, with a red tint to it that catches the light and makes it look like auburn highlights. She has become Natalia.

2) Their eyes are beautiful! They have many more colors than American girl, and the light from the camera picks up their colors, really showing how pretty they are.

Okay, so, on to the review and photos!!

I decided to use the lovely Natalia as my comparison doll with Dahlia.

The dolls bodies look the same!  Danielle, the creator, took time to make sure the little details were done, such as french manis and pedis, and I love how well the bodies are sewn.

As you can see, Dahlia and Natalia (dang, they rhyme, and I didn't even think about that, lol) have the same type of bodies. I swapped clothes with them, and they fit the same on both as well. In some of the pics (the dolls are not with me at the moment to retake pics), Natalia looks shorter than Dahlia... and in other pics, she and the other 2 girls appear to be the same height.  I think the photographer (who is by no means even a good amateur one) had some issues, lol.

Their french mani and pedi are adorable!

Here are their original outfits....

And after. As you can see, Dahlia got Nevaeh's outfit, and Natalia got Dahlia's outfit... and everthing fits well!  I think these girls are a perfect addition to my collection, and I cannot wait to customize my little fire-haired beauty with make up and a name! I'm working on slowly crocheting dresses for my girls.... in between crocheting dragons... and cooking for myself and the man in my life... and working, and taking care of my pets... being an adult is work, don't grow up too quickly!

One of my collection... they fit in perfect!  I feel like Zazou dolls look like teens more then 10 year olds... which I love.  They are gorgeous, and I recommend everyone give these girls a try!  I cannot wait to save up and get another one... so many choices!

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