Friday, April 6, 2018

March trip to AG!

So, had to drop off a Marie Grace that I rescued from E-bay in summer 2016 to the AG hospital March 29th, so of course I had to take pictures in the Tyson's Corner, VA (AGDC) store when I was there!

So, without further ado... here are my pics from the visit!

Luciana's stuff!!  It was so neat to see, even if the Mars Habitat was in a bit of a disarray when I was there, and trying to get pics without kids wandering around it was special (didn't think about the fact that a lot of schools did a mini spring break) Her collection was neat, though I cannot say I need anything from it.  I tend to go towards Maryellen's and Nanea's collections moreso, since I love those eras of fashion.

Random pics I got from the upstairs... 77 looks cute here, and I love the girls in this shot!!

I loved getting to see Tenney's mix and match... and I may need to grab a few things next time I go!

Maryellen's Camper (her outfit wasn't as cute in person, the pom pom buttons were all off center, no matter which outfit I saw.... but I LOVE the teal paisley/bandana material!!)

I will forever love the skating outfit... and I adore her birthday dress!

Ended up buying the plaid outfit... and while I don't need her birthday outfit, it was really cute.

EEEKKK!!  The New AG boys!  And I do love Logan... but I didn't add him to my collection this time.... I think for now, the only one I want is the one I got... and Logan, lol.

Apparently, this one doll and the brochure were the only 2 pics I took of the Create Your Own line... but I have to say, I have quite a few dolls in the CYO app that I'm dying to save up for... time will tell if I actually do it.  On one hand, $200 is a lot for a doll.  On the other hand... to have some of the molds in alternate colors to what is available in the normal AG stores would be incredible.  Some of my favorites (I'd be broke if I got them all...):

My Jess molds... The left would be Cadence, the right Violet

The Josefina molds... which, btw, are a horrible pic on the site... the Jose mold is so much cuter in real life!

My Sonali molds... love these!

And, as I was leaving, like I always like to... I got a few shots!

Hope you enjoyed the pics from my visit!!

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