Thursday, June 11, 2015

Jaelin's Journalings - new girls, vacation announcement...

Hi guys! It's Wednesday, and I'm updating my (our) blog!

I got to meet the new girls, but, like always, when they come to live with us, they don't like to tell us their names until they get to know us.  That's okay, it makes me feel more like an investigative reporter.

Momma had a suggestion, that I at least will most likely be taking to heart.  She said we all should sit down and write out our backstories for you guys.  You know, like what our lives were like before we came to live here.  Each of us tell you a bit about ourselves, what we like to do and collect, what we dream about.  She said maybe we'd get some online penpals that way, because you guys might have some stuff in common with us.

So, I'm not sure if I will be interviewing people, or if those of us who aren't writers will just tell their stories to Momma to write down.

I finally got to know the girl in last week's photo!  Her name is Kendalyn, and she is so nice!  She's 15, she loves hanging out with Vivienne and Linnea (they have sooo many cousins... I wouldn't be shocked if I were a distant cousin somehow!), and she and I have been doing some exploring around the woods.  She has promised me an interview sometime soon.  Kendalyn (Apparently, where she's from, she's also known as Kenna, though she introduces herself by her full name) is pretty sure she has some Scottish in her background.  But I'll leave that for our interview.

Momma and TechGuy are going to the Outer Banks for their 4 year anniversary... we're all wondering who's going to get to go with them.  My bet is on one of the new girls (as now, including the one whose adoption fees were paid today, we are up to 5 new girls), as Dahlia and I got to go last time.  I'm figuring her older sister (again with the waiting for names!) and probably either my new sister, or the one who reminds me of Marie Grace who was retired a bit ago.  She has assured me, as have any of the others who resemble historical dolls, that she only looks like MG.  (Molly and Kaya are the only two real historicals... and they tend to keep to themselves, as Molly is quite old, being Momma's first doll back in 1994, and Kaya was her dream doll as a kid.)  I'm guessing our newest girl coming in will be the other to join them, as I know she was long awaited for.   I'll be happy with a souvenir or some awesome pictures.  Perhaps something steampunk?  Unlikely, though, as I don't see a beachtown having a lot of that around.

What is Steampunk, you ask? Only the best genre EVER!  (Momma has to go to bed now, and says that I'm probably going to "be long-winded", so I have to wait to explain what that is to you tomorrow.  In the meantime... if you look up Steampunk Addie, that might tide you over until then.  I'm going to borrow the current post she has up to explain what Steampunk is, so you can skip it next time if you already read it.)

Type at you later!

- Jaelin, signing out now

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