Monday, June 5, 2017

Photoshoot!!! (NovaFirefly)

I finally got to do a doll photoshoot on Sunday! Haven't been able to since I moved from PA to MD, been too busy. But Mother's day (a few weeks ago, I know), I was inspired to start getting back into my dolls.  I want to do a review on all the gorgeous outfits I got... but that will happen in a bit.  For now... enjoy the photos!

Mother's day evening was gorgeous, and I couldn't resist using the backyard of the house I'm staying at, since they have a gorgeous rock wall garden area!

First up, we have a lovely dress by Sashali, being modeled by the stunning Eden Illyria!  I love the butterfly print and the lace sleeves!  Eden's wig isn't glued down yet, and her middle name is from a character on the older TV show, Angel (it's a spin off from Buffy, and is definitely not younger viewer friendly).

Iris Westfield saw me unpackage this Gypsy/Berber outfit from a wonderful woman on Facebook, Beth, and claimed it as hers!  Beth sewed this outfit for her Berber girl (a Kaya custom doll), and when she put it up for sale, I knew it had to come live here with us!

Left: Eden Illyria, right: Iris Westfield

My film star, Betty Grable, is looking elegant in her Carpathia dress.  It reminded me of one of the dresses from Titanic, and so Betty, my film noir girl, was the perfect lady for the modeling job.

Mika also fell in love with a Sashali dress and hat, and I must say, she's got the right look to make this look like a breezy, fun dress on a warm spring night.

I didn't have (with me, as most of my stuff is in storage) another dress for my lovely Delia June to model in, though she assured me that she was perfectly content to wear a 1950s type ensemble from Our Generation, sold at Target.  I think she looks so cute!  What do you think?

That's it for the first photoshoot of 2017 for Sci-Fi and Fairytales!

Look forward to hearing from you soon!

- NovaFirefly

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