Tuesday, May 23, 2017

NovaFirefly: AG and other dolls to love!

I have so much to love about AG, and so much to dislike. But, that’s alright, since it’s opened my eyes to a whole new (doll) world!

First off, things to love about AG right now…

I bought Tenney at the end of February. She really is adorable, and though mine came with the newer, thinner cloth body, I still think she’s lovely. I sent her head out to have her eye-swapped with a gorgeous pair of galaxy blue eyes that I got from CustomEyesByMichelle this time last year. She will then end up with a new name, and possibly more wefts (since I see what people are talking about… one small section of her wig looks to be missing hair…. But the rest of her was good, so I’m just gonna deal, since she still seems to have better hair than a lot of other dolls I’m seeing.)

Here are some shots of her from when I first deboxed her.

Another thing to love…

Nanea! She looks a bit like a Wellie Wisher… but she is so adorable with the new face mold, that I believe she is going to have to be added to my collection (most of which is sadly in storage right now. Hopefully will be remedying this in the next 6 months or so).

I love quite a bit of Z’s collection (since I got to see it reviewed by AmericanGirlIdeas a few days ago… really behind on reading blogs lately). I am not sure that I will actually get her though, I may, once I’m in a place to have all my dolls again, make her out of parts and a bald Ivy head that I have, since I’m not at all fond of her wig.

Now, my dislikes (and these are just my personal opinions)

Logan: Was disappointed when I saw him in store. I had the intention of bypassing Tenney in favor of him before visiting AG DC, as I needed to get the first AG boy doll! However, upon getting to the store, I discovered that I disliked how skinny I felt Logan was, as well as being unhappy with his hair. I have a few other dislikes, but they may be different per doll, since we all know not every doll is identical. I plan to get some of his clothing (after it’s released), but I think I will continue to make my own boy dolls for the foreseeable future, until the quality goes up.

(See, the left photo isn't bad... but the boxed doll in the right photo... he looks odd to me.  And that was the best looking Logan out of the 6 I found.)

Z doll: from the pictures and reviews I’ve seen… the only complaint I have is wig quality. Before, the wigs were full of hairs to cover wefts when in pigtails… not so with Z.
(From the front' she looks cute... but I've seen her hair from the back from other blogger's reviews... and it isn't to the standard that I think it should be)

Now that the permapanties are no longer an issue... I can honestly say I'm looking forward to working with the brand again though.

Okay… so, with all that I talked about above, I am starting to look in other directions for dolls now, though I will continue to collect American Girls, and to customize them. (at some point, I redo the doll pages, but for now, that is a work in progress.)

I am finding myself falling in love with some of the dolls from A Girl For All Time. I just purchased Matilda from Ebay (since she is no longer for sale), and am saving up my tip money to get Lydia next. I am not in love with all of the dolls from this line... but it is giving me another type of doll to look for/collect.

(As you can see from the pictures, her eyes stay open, but she has such a sweet expression, I couldn't not help but fall in love with her.  She is likely to remain a display doll for a while, as she is sold out on their website)

Future dolls I’d love to get:
Gotz Little Sister Tessa
Gotz Little Sister Lilly

I’m also starting to look at Tonner dolls (the Tonner Wild Imagination type), Carpathia dolls, and some of the other new brands coming out.

I will be reviewing some of the clothing I've bought from various sellers on Etsy soon, as well as the incomplete Hearts 4 Hearts doll I recently got for a project I'm doing.

Looking forward to blogging more later!

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