Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Hey everyone, Iris here, with my first post...

Hey everyone!

My name is Iris Spencer.  I am 17 years old (well, that's what I've determined, after talking to the other dolls about how I feel, age-wise), I love to write, and my favorite show is the one I picked my name from, The Flash.

Jaelin, the original author, is currently unavailable.  That is a long story but I suppose I should probably share it with you, since this is her baby (the blog, or course).

Our human (who some of the dolls call Momma, and the rest of us call by her user name or real name), sold her house and moved in with friends, so that she could save up for another house.  She had to put a lot of us in storage, and we all talked about who would take a long nap, and who would accompany her.  I was one of the 4 who got to join her.  Jaelin said that she was alright taking a nap, and asked me to revitalise the blog, and to start it up again for her, until she can join us again.

Our human, who goes by NovaFirefly (previously NovaBabe), has asked if she can share our blog. She had her own, but felt it best to leave it behind, as it had memories she'd rather forget. She says that she will move over some of her posts, since everyone liked them, but she would rather share with us.

As such, we will be labeling the post titles, so that you know who is posting this week.

So, a few changes:

1) Someone will be posting either weekly or bi-monthly.

2) We have had a new doll join us, though she's not ready for her debut yet.  She and NovaFirefly will be discussing some changes to make her more comfortable... she doesn't just wanna be another young country singer, like the others she was chosen from, though she has become fast friends with Delia June, and they do tend to listen to country music together quite a lot.

3) There are likely to be more than just doll stuff posted, since our human has 2 dogs, and her crocheting and reading obsessions.

But, you know, I have been looking for a creative outlet, since standing on a dresser all day does get tiresome.  At least I'm enjoying my gypsy outfit that our human got last week... hopefully she will take pictures soon... because it's gorgeous!

Looking forward to blogging more and getting to know everyone!

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