Tuesday, July 7, 2015

4th of July - a bit late!

Hey there!!  Jaelin here, hoping everyone had a great 4th of July!  Here's some pictures that Momma took of most of us (our Josefina girl is still in the doll hospital, along with Vivienne and another girl or two).  Linnea even got into the pics, though she says she would still like Momma to help with her hair like she is doing with Vivienne, and as she did with Savannah.

We'd all like to wish you a happy 4th of July!!

Back row, L to R: Me!, my sister Michiko (Mika), Savannah, Delia June (DJ), and the look-a-like Marie Grace (who still hasn't told Momma her name.)
Front row: Verena (Vera), Linnea, my BFF Dahlia, Kendalyn, and Alanna

We spent most of the day talking, hanging out, and staring out the window, wishing it wasn't raining.  It let up that evening, so TechGuy was able to make burgers for everyone, but since he's working on Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop's RV for the big beach trip, we didn't get to go see fireworks.  I was bummed, but not as much as my sister Mika, who loves fireworks and Independence Day as much as Momma does. (She even wrote a post on that on her own blog!)

From the Fireworks display July 3rd.

So, last minute change of plans (by TechGuy), and the final two who are going on vacation will be Kendalyn and one of her best friends, my big sister!  [TechGuy seems to think that Delia June is too 'country girl' for the beach... and Momma was so happy we could come along that she said okay.] Kendalyn and DJ have gotten closer too, and Kenna promised to get her something nice for a souvenir.

Mika and Kenna in the RV, waiting to start the drive

Momma says she feels awful, but Delia, in her gentle way, just said that the beach wouldn't be a good place for her cowgirl boots, and that she'd like to go with them next time there isn't sand involved. [I just LOVE her southern drawl...]

So, two things are going to happen this week.  First, since Momma will be taking her laptop, I have agreed that Kenna and Mika can have the blog for a up to date accounting of their vacation (they plan to ask Momma to write for them, as her keyboard is a bit big, and neither of them usually write, though Mika is interested. Second... I'm going to conduct interviews with the girls here, though I won't be able to update them until Momma gets home and edits them.  So, there you have it.  And, to end this post, here are some more pics from our photoshoot yesterday (Momma is making this a very photo-heavy post).

Another shot from our group photo.

Close-ups of DJ, look-a-like MGgirl, Kenna, and Alanna

Our Close-ups!  Love this pic of me and my sister, Dahlia and her sister Savannah, and we finally have a pic of Linnea!!  Maybe she'll do some writing while Momma and the girls are away.

Savannah and Dahlia

Kendalyn and her younger sister Verena (Iris' BFF who goes by Vera)

Mika and me... I love this picture!!  So happy to finally have my sister with me!

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