Friday, August 21, 2015

Hey everyone... we're still alive! (Quick update)

Hey guys!  Jaelin here.  We're going thru a lot of changes here in PA, and a few girls are going to be leaving us soon (they talked with Momma, and while they like it here, they would like a little girl to play with, or a chance to explore with some new friends... Momma has been swamped with work and redoing rooms since vacation, and hasn't been "listening", lol), as well as a few new girls joining us.  And perhaps, eventually... a boy?  It'd be great to have a guy around.

Anyways, I'm updating here so that you don't forget about us.... *breaks into song* "Don't you... forget about me. Don't don't don't you, forget about me...."  Ahem. Sorry, Momma watched 16 Candles and The Breakfast Club last weekend on a TV special.  And I've been told I need to point out that they are NOT movies for viewers under the age of 16 at least.... so whether or not you're under 16, ask your parents' permission.  There are crass humor and references that are DEFINITELY inappropriate.  BUT... the music is perfectly fine to listen to and sing along with.  Simple Minds "Don't You (Forget About Me)" is a favorite around our house.

Right now, counting the 2 historical dolls (Molly and Kaya kinda keep to themselves), there are 14 of us on the shelves, another 5 sitting on a lower area, waiting for a new home or a new wig, and 2 more who are in "surgery" (I think the fact that they are without stuffing or heads makes it surgery... or scary-ville).

Mika and Kenna have to update on their vacation with Momma and TechGuy as well, and I'm planning on doing a few posts featuring some of our favorite Etsy Shops (Momma gets stuff from Ebay quite a bit... but I feel like Vera will be able to sway her soon...)

And... here's a big one. I talked to Momma... and she's going to be putting up our doll bios over here as well as on her blog!  So you guys will know who we are!  I'm not sure if they will be as detailed... but I will be doing a lot of updating, so stay tuned!

Hope this holds you over for now, this is Jaelin, signing off.

Type at you later!

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