Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Jaelin's First Journaling!!

Hey everyone!

This is Jaelin Gail Tam, starting Jaelin's Journalings! Momma has been reading a few doll blogs (Linnea, Iris, I, and most of the other girls have been too, when she leaves her laptop open), and she knows that I want to be a journalist, so she said that, as long as she can help up edit (since her grammar is a bit better than mine, lol), we can start a blog!! I am so excited!

Now, to be fair, Momma isn't really our momma, she adopted all of us (and is probably, according to Daddy, going to continue to adopt). She gave us all birthdays too, but we all know that we don't really age, so it's more so that we can all have a special day. (Though considering that Momma doesn't like to celebrate her birthday, I think that might be a little backwards. But she's stuck now, since she gave Vivienne and Linnea the same birthday!)

Some of the shows that we love may not be appropriate for younger readers. Again, we're not really the ages she gave us... You will have to check with your parents on them, if I (or one of the other girls) don't tell you that they are not for people under 13, or 15, or 17, etc. Just wanted to be sure you guys know that.

I'm sure Momma will be updating her blog (she said she was going to help us start ours first... until she had issues trying to figure out the site... I could have helped her with that, but she said to let her start first, then when she got the hang of it, we could blog), and will have more info on us and that sort of thing. But for now, this is OUR blog!

So, to get you started on us: Most of us love Fairytales, Sci Fi, Fantasy, Steampunk, Renaissance, etc. There is Comic book obsession (Alanna), Lilo and Stitch, Faeries, Dragons. There's cooking (Alanna's little sister Iris, and Linnea's twin, Vivienne, sometimes) and crochet and sewing (both of which Momma does for us). And I'm sure there will be photo shoots too, since she seems to love those. (My understanding is that anyone with dolls feels like that.)

Momma is from the South (she says she was raised in Florida, but that her father's side of the family is from Georgia, the Carolinas, Alabama, and Mississippi, and that when she moved north in 2004, she got teased about having an accent for years. Sometimes she still does when she says certain things). She explained that most of the time, parents were called "Momma" and "Daddy". We all talked it over, and decided we liked those terms, and so, there you go! (We keep hoping Daddy will propose... shh!! Momma will shoot me for posting that!!)

So there you have it, my first Journaling!!!!!!

- Jaelin, signing out now

P.S. The pic is of me and Dahlia, my best friend, since Linnea, who will be my blogging buddy, is at the doll hospital. Momma will have to explain her side of it... as far as I'm concerned, she was silly to send her with her cousin, Alanna. Alanna's hair was coming apart. Linnea's... was manageable... which Momma didn't figure out until after she'd already sent her in... thank goodness she stopped them from doing anything! Two dolls with sore throats would have been worse than one!  Iris, Alanna's little sister and our other blogger, in is Momma's doll hospital getting a "tummy tuck".

P.S.S. Momma's blog is here: Dolls, Crafting, and Writing!

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