Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Eye swaps and rewiggings... NovaFirefly

Wednesday (since I'm off 80% of Wednesdays) has become doll day!  I typically do doll updates, crochet (I have a gorgeous dress in the making, and hopefully will have a pattern to follow with...)

Today, my brother helped me swap eyes on 3 18" AG dolls, and I managed to swap out my Wellie wisher (who needs a new name now).

I got Nanea on my last trip to American Girl DC, and I knew before I got her that she needed special eyes.  Michelle from CustomEyesByMichelle had once again outdone herself, giving me these absolutely gorgeous blue green purple beauties.

I don't have before from this morning, but I can share each doll before and after...

Here is Iris before...

And after!  She and I decided that she wanted an eye color change, though we thought it was going to be to green eyes.  Delia originally got the purple ones... but somehow, I realized that she was meant to be green.  Iris feels so much more my doll now.

Here's Delia before....

And after!  I love her green eyes!!  They brighten her whole face up!  Now, she might need a bit of makeup... but I love what I've done with her already.

The lovely Nanea before....

And the gloriousness afterwards!!  She will also need a new name, but she is perfect now!!

Here is Emerson's before and after... I swear, she looks like a brand new doll now!! I kinda miss some of the sweetness her face had before, but she is much more suited to my collection now.  Alas, I could not save her old wig (I never dreamed that AG would have glued it down so well that I'd have to resort to nail polish remover and cutting it off....)

I can do a Nanea "as I opened her up" post, but I'm seeing a lot of those being done already.  She is a lovely doll, I love her new mold, and I know that I want to learn how to do face-ups now, as she would be so much more stunning with one!  

Last set of pics, with all three of the dolls together!

That's all for now, happy Wednesday, and I will see you next week!!


  1. Emerson's customization is beautiful, I love how she looks.