Thursday, April 12, 2018

This is gonna be fun...

So... I am slowly accumulating items to create a Steampunk Confectionary (thanks to inspiration from Brandy's Happy Home... I have wanted to make a steampunk room for YEARS!) and for a winery for my dolls! I am loving so many of the pics from her blog posts on this series, be sure to check them out!

I have wanted to build an "adult dollhouse" forever.  I had a curio cabinet that served as beds for my AG dolls as a child... but never had a dollhouse for them.  As an adult, I'm not looking to have the typical dollhouse, with bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, etc.  I decided a while ago that I wanted to do scenes... and what better way to do it than to start with a Steampunk Confectionary and Café? I'd like to do a Victorian scene (though I suppose that would make it a Steampunk/Victorian type city...) as well...

I had wanted to do a 1950s diner as well... we will see if I end up with all restaurants, lol.

It's gonna be a while until I'm actually able to build it, since I need to build rooms for it, like BeastsBelle has on her blog,(though I think I'd like mine to be the size that her mom has... so I may be visiting Ikea...)

I'm going to be looking up some Café ideas, and posting images of fancy things that I'd like to make too...

I've never been to the Toothsome Chocolate Emporium, so I got some pic ideas from these blogs (did not post a lot of pics, since these were from personal blogs and I didn't have permission... just saved them for inspiration)
Lola Lambchops
Nerd Travel Pro
More Than a Homeschool Mom

I think I can post a few pics from Pinterest and some of the Official blogs...
The inside of the restaurant... apparently it is not just a cafe, but a full restaurant... I NEED to visit here!

Candy Floss... while I've never been a huge fan of cotton candy... I do feel like this may need to be added!

Look at the cute bottles of candy!  I may need to make some for my shop...

I would be in heaven with all those chocolates/truffles to choose from

And... I will definitely try to make this display/menu board.  Brandy already has the design for the counters... but since I want to make this a scene and not a play area... I feel like I need more detail like this...

OMG, the MILKSHAKES!!!  They look divine! I want one or all of them!

And these!!  They are so cute... definitely figuring out how to make them!

So many things to make... and there were more pics that I couldn't post yet... but I will be soon!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! I look forward to seeing what you create! If I can be of any help, just let me know! :) Brandy @